A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Well, I'm not quiet sure what to say about this game.

Just kidding, It's a game where the imagination can run wild. You can explore a massive open world, and discover secrets that have been lost for many years. You can slay dragons, and craft the most powerful weapons and armor to take on the strongest of foes.

PPSSHH, are you kidding me, your a hamster. Hamsters can't do any of that, all they do is sit in their box, running in there little hamster wheel, and sipping from their little hamster bottles. I mean come on, this is a simulation, not a fictional adventure that defies all logic.

The idea for the game is simple, sit in your box and do nothing. Maybe sip on your little sippy straw in the corner. That's it. Not like you can actually explore the vast world outside the box.

Simulation at it's finest. :)

Install instructions

Simply extract the files from the zip and run the exe.


HamsterSimulator.zip (34 MB)